Saturday, 22 December 2012


With the holiday almost near, my wrapping has come to an end. Just a few more odds n' ends (Peanut the family puppys' gift) to take care of but for the most part ready to wrap er up and put away all the fun Christmas crafts and wrapping supplies and enjoy the holidays thoroughly. 

Thought i'd share a few more shots of the last few wrapped gifts, these being my favourites, especially the knitted mitten one and the green and red one for my dad, masculine, but lovely! 

Wishing everyone happy holidays and a wonderful New Years! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Had to share some personal photography goodness on the blog in the spirit of the holidays finally being here :)

All who know me well can attest to the fact that there are few people who love Christmas and the holidays as much as I do. I am the person who's Christmas cards will arrive at your home around EXACTLY on December 1st (or earlier - it happened just last year). With that said, I can tell you I definitely wasn't so  hasty in getting to the post office this year as to avoid the inevitable teasing my best friend would have surely given me had they come a day earlier than December. 

I am known for absolutely LOVING traditions, Christmas ones especially. I already have a imaginary list of all the things I can and want to do when I have children of my own; from DIY crafts, holiday baking, family dinners & Christmas get togethers, pickings of fresh christmas trees and letting the kids decorate them however their little hearts desire, to gingerbread houses, delivering Christmas hampers to the less fortunate families and the list goes on. I know parents of actual children are probably laughing right now thinking 'just you wait and see if you have time for all these things' but I still like to believe I will be able to make Christmases special and memorable every year for them and my friends and relatives.

Also known am I as the individual whom has their tree up before the month of December and  undoubtedly leaves it up for long periods too long periods of time. This was conveniently brought up in my Maid of Honours speech on my wedding day (I guess mid February is rather long to still have the tree up but I blame not enough storage issues for that).   See the re-occuring theme of my best friend teasing me about my holiday OCD?  She really is the best I swear I love her to bits ;) 
Anyways, I love that I got to put up two Christmas trees - home and the studio for mini christmas sessions which makes things extra cheery this year. This tree WILL come down as soon as Christmas is over since i'm sure my photog studiomates may not be as thrilled with Christmas in February. 

I love my Christmas music which is playing either in the car, studio, or at home. Last year I purchased the Michael Buble Christmas CD for my husband who is the actual fan. Turns out I like him too and Mr. Buble will continue to be the forefront of my christmas music for 2012 - another detail I have also  been mocked for. If you're thinking the best friend again, it is actually another friend grinch in my life lol.  

Which brings me to my next holiday obsession which is trying my hardest to rack my brain and spend what probably is far too many hours finding thoughtful/useful gifts that I think will be perfect for my family and friends. I was once tracked down a rare Kathy Van Zealand purse that my mother-in-law had once mentioned she loved. It only took two years, but still, I managed to find it eventually and she was so surprised and happier than ever which made in return made me happier!  I normally pride myself in this goal seeking quest, however, I will admit that this year there are far less creative juices flowing "thoughtful/useful" gifts are proving to be a little more difficult to find than any year before. For that simple reason alone, I will definitely have to overcompensate somehow for what may be the least "thoughtful" year of gift giving with WRAPPING!!!!!!!!!! 

That's right, if I can't find good enough gift that are thoughtful or useful, i'm going to be damn sure that whatever they are, they be wrapped with as much love and thoughtfulness these little fingers and crafty mind can come up with. One can only hope that my friends and family will be so thrilled with their wrapping job that they'll either forget how un thrilled they were with the actual gifts or even better, not want to open them at all lol! 

So, I give you the first peek at just one of my "handmade with love" wrapping jobs! This prettily wrapped kraft box is stuffed with delicious Eggnog cookies & holiday pretzel bites I baked this past weekend. I plan to make my unimaginative Christmas presents look just as pretty ;) 

Monday, 26 November 2012


I couldn't wait to get the Nickol families Christmas photos up on the blog to share. They turned out wonderfully, right down to their well behaved dog kiwi who looks great in all her family portraits ;)

 If you haven't already taken a peak at Olivia's 1 st Birthday photos we also took during the same session, be sure to check them out - they are absolutely ADORABLE even if you thought they couldn't get any cuter than

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Catching up on a few more shots from Brodey's session a few weeks back. Now that I think of it, this handsome little man is my very first baby boy up on the blog.  

The studio was just so warm and cozy that baby Brodey couldn't help but get comfy and have a little siesta during his first photo shoot. How sweet, innocent, and peaceful they look when sleeping ... I can't help but coo and awww when I edit the photos afterwards.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I've said it before and i'll say it again, I LOVE when I get the opportunity to shoot past clients, especially ones as cute as miss Olivia! I get to see how much they've grown and how their personalities have changed or remained the same since out first encounters. What I can tell about miss Olivia is that aside from the obvious growth she is very much the same in personality as she was the first time we met. Quick to smile that mischievous and quirky grin (with the cutest new little teeth). Not to mention she is just one of those silly and happy babies all around - always a pleasure to photograph!

We had a fun time at her session which consisted of two completely different themes. Birthday and Christmas all wrapped into one! We started the session with Christmas photos of Olivia, mom, dad, and even kiwi the family dog, but since miss Olivia just celebrated her first birthday this past week we finished the session with something fun for her in celebration of her first birthday. In my world, Birthdays are always twice as nice when balloons and a tutus are involved, so that's just what we did!

Enjoy Olivia's first birthday photos and be sure to check in mid week for the rest of her beautiful Christmas and family photos up on the blog!

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Just wanted to share a quick personal post, cause when you're happy, you just want to share with the world! It's really small and simple, but exciting none the less.  

Some of you (friends, family, and perhaps clients too) might recall  Photography :: My 2012 List of Goals that I posted some odd months ago in January? With only a few months left before the new year, I have a couple more things i'd like to accomplish before I re-visit the list. Of course pen in hand i'll be ready eager to strike the goals I have accomplished off, which for any of you who know me will know that lists just happen to be a favourite pass time  of mine ;) 

 I certainly look forward to reminiscing about the achievements and experiences from 2012 (some fun and some downright crazy) with a smile on my face. I am also curious to see how many things I wasn't able to achieve, why, and then figure out a new plan to get them accomplished for next year all the while brainstorming a new list of goals of course! 

I get to add something to the 2012 list which was never intended or expected and mainly what this post was and is suppose to be about. So how about I get to the point! 

I am so happy to announce that I will be adding "leasing a studio space" to the 2012 list which is pretty self explanatory. 

I now have a lovely studio in the Exchange district to call my own. It is a shared space with other photogs, but is hardly ever used which means I have a warm cozy inviting space I can bring my friends, family, and clients to for sessions on mostly any days I want . It really is something i've always wanted daydreamed about. Having a "Photography" studio was never the exact dream per say. Years ago already, you could find me passing by an old character building in the Exchange District and saying something like "Oh, I love that space, it'd make the perfect boutique or bakery" (mind you I can't bake worth a damn but that besides the point). So you see, it was always there, the desire to have my own space in the Exchange District, and now I do because I finally pursued my love for photography! 

Anyways, with the free time that has graced my life these days, I plan to use the studio much more which is something to look forward to! To get the ball in motion for completing a few more goals before 2012 is over,  I started off with spending last night cleaning and organizing, ok nesting in the studio. I threw some tunes on the iPod, ordered pizza, and while my wonderful hubby assembled some shelving for my throws and props, I got down to the nitty gritty business of cleaning. That's right, moving everything out, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping! Low and behold, the studio is now clean as a whistle and was smelling fresh and of tip top condition for my baby session this morning. A great thanks to my hubby and the wonderful Martha Stewart, the studio now has some pretty and practical white shelving for all my "photog" things to be stored. Not to mention a much cleaner alternative to the landslides of blankets onto the floor that occur more often than not! Ahhhhh, how I love cleanliness and organization! 

So I share with you a small look at my new little spot of shelving that holds the humble number of props I have accumulated thus far. I can't wait to fill it with more pretty props and blankets as I hopefully get to shoot more family, friends, and clients! I have a few sessions I am looking forward to this month so keep posted and thanks for reading! 


The first sneak peak from our session today, I share with you handsome little Brodey! Believe it or not, this little guy is only two months old and already fitting 6 month old clothing!

Mom and dad were certain he'd be awake for his first photo shoot seeing as this seems to be his normal morning routine, but I think my toasty warm studio (perfect for slumber) helped Brodey proved them wrong!

More photos to come later in the week, hope you the first glimpses mom, dad, and family!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I've been meaning to get this wonderful family session up on the blog for a fews days now and am happy to finally share the second takes from my Chernecki Family shoot.

The second half of our family session was much toastier than the first half outdoors in the Exchange district. We headed on over to the studio where we got some great shots of the kids and even had a few quick moments to snap some great shots of mom and dad together. The kids looked wonderful, especially Hailey in her all pink sequin dress and matching shoes with Hayden and Drake looking dapper as well.  Dad helped me get some genuine giggles and laughs out of Hailey while Drake was so distracted by all the goodness and interesting things in the studio. He proved a little more challenging to capture his cute smiles that we all remember from his summer session, however, I managed to get a few good ones out of him and his most prominent "down to business" serious side of the little explorer.

Hope you enjoy, and Heidi and Grant, thanks for allowing me to capture your family!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


A quick little sneak peak of the Chernecki Family. We met up this past weekend for a few quick and chilly photos in the exchange before heading on over to the toasty warm studio. It was great to meet the rest of the family and see how much Drake (the youngest boy) had changed since our session in the summer.  Enjoy and be sure to check back to see the studio photos later this week!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Wishing all my friends, family, and clients a cozy, relaxing & Happy Thanksgiving spent with the ones you love! 

I thought i'd take a moment to quickly share a shot of my  DIY craft & recipe gift that I made for my in-laws this Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone knows I am a terrible baker, so I try to bring the next best thing that I can't go wrong with.

If you LOVE a good soothing hot beverage, this BLUEBERRY TEA recipe is absolutely the most perfect drink to cozy up with on a cold fall or winter evening. Since the day I first discovered it, it has been my go to drink and my home is always in a constant supply of the few simple ingredients it takes. As you can see, I love sharing this recipe with everyone cause why not spread a good thing - right?!

It truly makes a great little gift to bring to parties which is always best served later in the evening while chatting with friends, playing games, or even accompanied with dessert.

As for the presentation, I prettied up a mason jar (a small round one would have been cute too) with just a few of the many crafty items I had laying around the house including lace, twine, and of course one of this beverages key ingredients, a cinnamon sticks. I also whipped up a cute little label card that fit perfectly under the lid and viola!

So now for the good part, the actual goodness in the mason Jar you may be wondering about. 


6 Oz. Amoretto or Disoronno Liquor
6 Oz. Grand Marnier Liquor
2 - 3 Cinnamon Sticks 
1 Lrg Orange Slice or Peel 

Fresh Brewed Pot of Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey Tea

The above recipe is what is shown in my DIY gift and yields roughly 6-8 cups of delicious BLUEBERRY TEA for a small group. The mixture can sit a couple hours which will infuse the liquours with a slight orange and cinnamon hint.  It is usually served nicest in an irish mug or a brandy snifter with a sugared rim and garnished with a cinnamon stick and orange slice. The combination of the two liquors (cherry & orange flavour) pair beautifully with my personal favourite a fresh brewed pot of Earl Grey tea for a delicious aroma and taste of blueberry. You can also use Orange Pekoe tea if that tickles your fancy. For single serving for yourself at home the ratio is 3/4 oz. for each liquor or to taste really if you like your drinks stronger or weaker. 

Anyways, it is sure to be a hit especially when presented so prettily, hope you all enjoy and have a happy thanksgiving weekend! 

Saturday, 6 October 2012


A friend and co-worker of mine was recently surprised when his mom showed up with a new addition to their family. Knowing how much I LOVE puppies, and how much his mom would appreciate some shots of their sweet little Nala, he didn't hesitate to call .

At only 8 weeks old, this beautiful German Shepard Lab Cross has energy for days that will certainly be keeping everyone on their toes, especially her new sister Meela a Toy Poodle and Yorkie cross. Poor Meela is still adjusting to her new overly energetic friend. She nervously stares at Nala from the couch unimpressed with her unpredictable puppy antics. Given time, I think Meela will come around and they'll be good little chums.

I made sure to give sweet little Meela lots of extra scratches and attention just in case she was feeling a little left out for attention. Anyways, hope you enjoy the cuteness of puppy Nala below!

Good luck with the puppy and potty training, i'll be looking very forward to some puppy play dates!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Meet my awesome and good looking to boot familia, the Moreira's!

We decided to embrace the last few weeks left of this amazing fall weather and schedule an afternoon family shoot at the park. It was a tad nippy and blustery, but I think we managed to get some cute shots of everyone together.  I especially loved the shots of my uncle and aunty just being candid and silly with each other!

I definitely hope to use them again sometime in the near future as my models ;) Hope you enjoy!