Tuesday, 24 January 2012


  Undoubtedly my very first blog post will start with a great thanks to a practically family-like member but very good friend of mine and my husbands,' Mr. Jason Dahl also known as "D" in our household and to our un born children. Without his unwavering patience to put up with one of the most indecisive women known to man kind and of course his amazing skills and knowledge of computers, this blog would have never come to life looking as pretty and more importantly as functional as it is had I done it myself. Thank you kindly my friend, I hope I can repay the favour sometime soon! 

So I'm guessing at this point for the modest amount followers who are reading this, you  have probably noticed or managed figured out that this right here is shaping up to be what looks like a Photography blog. If thats your assumption, than you are very right on that one, although I'm going to steal your thunder and say that the Aimee de la Lande Photography is what most likely gave it away.