Tuesday, 24 January 2012


  Undoubtedly my very first blog post will start with a great thanks to a practically family-like member but very good friend of mine and my husbands,' Mr. Jason Dahl also known as "D" in our household and to our un born children. Without his unwavering patience to put up with one of the most indecisive women known to man kind and of course his amazing skills and knowledge of computers, this blog would have never come to life looking as pretty and more importantly as functional as it is had I done it myself. Thank you kindly my friend, I hope I can repay the favour sometime soon! 

So I'm guessing at this point for the modest amount followers who are reading this, you  have probably noticed or managed figured out that this right here is shaping up to be what looks like a Photography blog. If thats your assumption, than you are very right on that one, although I'm going to steal your thunder and say that the Aimee de la Lande Photography is what most likely gave it away. 

Right from a young ripe age you could always find me doing something creative; whether it was drawing, painting, pottery, pretending I could sing and act, or taking classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, I was always up to something artistic. Funny enough and worth mentioning, my parents just recently purged a few massive tupper wares containing many of what I probably at the time thought were Van Gogh equivalent Aimee-made masterpieces. When my parents asked me to help them decide  what to keep and what to purge, I made an active decision to not join only because I knew I would inevitably get attached once I started looking so I figured 'hey, if I didn't know it was there all this time, then I can't possible miss anything once it's gone'. Luckily I am sure my parents used their best judgement and have since reported that they managed to narrow down my 'works of art' to a couple of what i'm sure to be no better than somewhat recognizable sketches of stick figure families and finger paintings that somewhat resemble something that could look like something.

Now lets get myself back on track before this train derails.  

As I got older my relationship with art began to waiver and somewhere along the line, i'm going to say probably in my teenage years I replaced my creativity or rather tucked it away for a rainy day for new interests such as being a tomb boy and occupying all my time with playing every sport imaginable (except hockey, sorry dad). Rather recently however, with the planning of our wedding to my wonderful husband, that creative better half of me came knocking at the door asking to be friends again. Its always been said that weddings bring someone or something out of the woodworks you've never expected, and in this case it was my long lost creative self. I guess rainy days had hit and she came at the perfect time, because before being engaged and being able to plan my wedding I always seemed to be in a funk longing for something to be really passionate about again like my love for art when I was young. Slowly I started re-visitng my creative side whilst planning my wedding and once all was said and done I was a bit sad to loose that excitement and ability to be creative and express myself through art (if you can consider your visions and execution of a wedding to be art).  

Anyways, It was also around this time, that I met our wonderful wedding Photographer Rebecca Whitney who reminded me of my interest in photography which I had been entertaining in my head for some time. Somewhere there had always been an interest in Photography or rather lets put it more honestly taking pictures of pretty things! I don't really think I can say that at that time I had a full appreciation of the work, knowledge, skill and creativity that goes into the art of photography, that is until I met Rebecca and started following her and the work of other photographers.  It really isn't just pick up a camera and take beautiful pictures ... I am learning it is so much more complicated and individualistic than that. 

Shortly after being inspired by the work of Rebecca and others, I made a promise to myself that I would work really hard and set some goals to do whatever it takes to get something a little more sophisticated in the camera department in comparison to my $250 Best Buy special waterproof Olympus point & shoot camera (whooooooo). Low and behold, for my past twenty seventh birthday (I still cringe when I realize how old i'm getting),  I was finally able to do something really for me and buy myself a half decent DSLR camera, yup, see you later Olympus! You can't even imagine how elated I was at first ... so elated I left everything I bought in their boxes and stared at it for about a week smiling to myself like an idiot every time I passed by. Eventually my husband got some much needed sense through to my head and step by step helped me open and assemble everything ... as you can imagine the excitement from the previous week had worn off, opening everything for the first time  made it like my birthday all over again! Those who know me know that I have this really bizarre thing where I don't like to open new things (especially electronics) but rather stare at them, or preserve things with their pre packaged plastic and protective shields to keep them looking like they just came out of a factory - we all have issues so please don't judge. 

To this present date I am proud to announce that I actually use my camera and nothing has been left in the boxes, some screen protectors are still present, but hey, I like to make progressive steps. All laughs aside, I now have a new obsession and what I hope to be a long life passion that will allow me to express my creative side and journalize some of my wonderful friends, amazing family (which includes a whole lot of PEANUT), and experiences as I move through this life. I am loving my camera so very much and am looking forward to my very first year with my new baby and hope that two thousand twelve holds some great opportunities and adventures with her. Yup, my camera is a she ;) 

I am not sure where I will go with this new venture of mine, definitely just a hobby for now cause it is an expensive one at that, but who knows, maybe one of these days i'll be able to share my ability to  be creative and capture the beauty and prettiness in others and everything in their lives. 
At this point, I figured a personal photography blog might be a pretty good starting point to begin sharing my photography journey with others who may be interested. God knows, my absolutely wonderfully patient and supportive husband can only take one more "please, no please, come look, what do you think of these, no really what do you think?"  Poor guy, he really is the best, I am a lucky girl! 

Anyhow, I know at best I am most often too long winded for my own good and you may not care much to hear about my journey's' per say ... but hopefully you'll enjoy looking at some half decent photos every once in a while ;) I plan to blog somewhat frequently or when I have some blog worthy pictures or adventures to share with others. I really look forward to sharing with my friends, family, acquaintances, or maybe even those who happen to stumbled upon this blog. I think most of all, I really look forward of having a place to document my work, set new goals for myself, and to watch the progression of my photography skills as the months pass. 


Those who shall lay eyes on this virtual space more than once will inevitably encounter PEANUT (our family pet) or such furry friends like him on numerous occasions. You must know that I am a lover of PEANUT and all other things furry so, if you are NOT an animal lover you probably will not enjoy visiting this blog on a regular basis ;) 

With the above disclaimer stated, I can inform you that one of my first photography goals has already been set.  


Expand my horizons when taking pictures and to clarify by this I mean taking more pictures of living things that do NOT walk on all fours ;) 

So, finally, to end this extremely long and most likely over annotated blog post, thank you so much for reading it all if you've made it this far! I pretty promise they will not all be horrendously long like this one. It is the first one so you do have to cut me a bit of a break ... i'm a girl with a new hobby and a pretty photography blog - it's a deadly combo! Also, thanks to my wonderful husband for all his support and patience as I stalking take millions of pictures of him, to my friends who take interest, Rebecca for my inspiration to get me started, a friend Noella for providing me with some great opportunities thus far, and to again to my friend Jay for helping play a huge part in my journey by setting up a working blog and making it pretty!!!!!!!!! xxxxx 


  1. Alright girlie! First of all, your blog is LOVELY. Pretty, simple, clean and VERY Aimee. Kudos Aimee and friend, great job. As for the photography, I give you credit for jumping into something you love. I think we have so much in common, that it scares me, and so I see exactly where you are coming from in making this decision.

    Wishing you all the success in the world!

    ps-You have two gorgeous models at your fingertips, Peanut & Chris. What a lucky girl.

    1. Thanks my dear! I completely agree with you that we do have much in common, so much it's scary sometimes. Well, aside from painting nails that is, although all your pins might make me cross over to the other side one of these days.

      My models are quite handsome indeed, luckily one of them can't tell me to piss off when they've eventually become sick of me so that's kinda nice ;)


  2. Your blog is just delicious! And Peanut is the most photogenic pup I have ever seen. Does he smell as good as he looks?

    You have a real talent, and I can see you're going to make many people jealous with the beauty you can capture. Hope to see some selfportraits sometime too ;).


  3. Thanks muchly Hannah!

    Peanut is really good in the fact that he listens so well that I can get him to stop and sit or whatever, but I am pretty sure he gets fed up with me after some time, especially when we are enjoying walks and he just wants to be a dog! I don't blame him ... i'd tell myself to piss off and let me enjoy my walk too if I was a dog and could speak lol

    And you'd better believe he smells good, there truly ain't a dog more spoiled than he! Peanut is washed every week and normally ends up smelling like something baked or edible cause I my smell rubs off on him. My dad often asks why the dog smells like vanilla or cupcakes. Better than being smelly I figure!

    1. Vanilla! That's so crazy adorable! I'll be his godmother if he ever asks for one.