Wednesday, 29 February 2012


In the very near future, I am going to be posting/ sharing my Photography goal list that I have made for myself in my very first year of shooting (2012). Because I partly suffer from self diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder at times, I love making lists (very NEAT ones) and then seeing things crossed off right before my eyes as I accomplish them! I haven't done this in a very long time (probably since my university days), but I made one recently in my photography notebook and having a physical photography goal list on paper will really help me get motivated to accomplish a lot or most of the things on my list! This is probably ringing close to home for some of my readers (one friend in mind - you know who you are).

Anywho, the reason I bothered mentioning the above falls hand in hand with this post i'm about to write. I'll let you in on one of the goals that will be appearing on my list - consider it like a "sneak peak." lol

I am going to admit it right now- I sometimes tend to be a creature of habit and tend to only practice in one area of photography. I love shooting people (when given the chance) and in my case a whole lot of animals (Peanut) and landscapes! I personally really enjoy capturing people and animals being themselves or in their natural and genuine states, providing physical memories of those we care about and love. I know it sounds cheesy to some, but it's true, and I don't care =) Not only do I enjoy shooting this type of photography, but I also find it comes more natural and I am able to be more creative in my shots when shooting actual subjects.

We recently did another out-of-class assignment/field trip to practice our night time photography at The Forks downtown (a local market which is one of our main tourist attractions for those who are not from Winnipeg). I had a feeling the whole experience was going to be challenging for me because one, night time photography is a lot more trickier than day time photography, and two I really don't seem to have the eye for architecture and street photography (yet). Being completely honest, I think I am slightly intimidated with the whole idea of night shooting in general and it leaves me feeling much less creative and able to have fun. It might also be partly due to the fact that I don't normally like the loud obnoxious colors of the street/city lights and the darkness overall. There are however a lot of cool things you can capture at night especially with light trails and starbursts of the street lamps.

I certainly do appreciate others night time photography and wish I was creative enough to capture some of the amazing shot I have seen out there and awesome effects! With that said, one of my PHOTOGRAPHY GOALS for 2012 is to learn and work more on SHOOTING AT NIGHT rather than straying away from the opportunities and neat things I could be capturing just because it's trickier or doesn't come naturally. In the end, I still might hate it, but at least I can decide based on a personal interest and not the fear of not knowing how to or it not coming naturally. So I plan to work at it throughout the year (hopefully much more in the summer when it's warm).

I have managed to capture some pretty neat shots at night that I am fairly proud of (at the legislative and also the forks this past week), but normally I call them lucky shots!  Actually,  in last weeks case my husbands company and support/ encouragement is what got me thru the night, oh, and a quick stop for a baileys and coffee at a little cafe nearby to warm up and re-group mentally when I was feeling less than creative. lol Yup, when i'm totally feeling intimidated or not confident at all, my man is the first one to be there to make me feel great about any situation!

The night was cold, and a few frozen toes later, I got some shots in the company of my hubby that I can bring to class. Some of these would probably be super cool in color to most, but of course I changed them to black and white cause that's how I roll. I also put a small mosaic on the bottom in color - although hard to see, what do your prefer black & white or color? The ones of the bridge are awesome because the crazy streaks are actually light streaks from like 12- 20 cars that passed by during that exposure. Super neat to catch once you get the hang of it all (and not by luck). Also, there is some starbursts in the street lamps if you look carefully - another night time technique you can achieve. The tall tower is laced with christmas lights, and the crazy squiggles are a technique to make the lights look crazy!  I also got a quick but rather poor quality shot of Chris and I which is the second half of the first night time shooting goal - "BETTER PEOPLE SHOOTING AT NIGHT."

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Today was one of those "what shall I do" kinda days since my husband had to work and I was all alone today. I am certainly not short of things I need to work on business or house chore wise, but that's just not as fun as packing up and just going somewhere to shoot. I better enjoy the luxury before children, I know!  Anyhow, half asleep, looking pretty rough around the edges, I bundled myself up, threw a toque on, and headed out the door with my camera. I dropped Chris off at work around eight in the morning and didn't even know where I was really heading to or what I had in mind (other than a definite coffee stop pronto). I decided to head towards the south Perimeter were I could pick my direction from there. 

I ended up getting so caught up with the top 30 countdown on the radio that I completely missed any potential turn offs, so there I was heading south towards the border. I contemplated turning down a/any road to catch some neat old farm houses or the prairies at their best but then I remembered the amazing windmill farm I had noticed for the first time a year ago when driving to the states with my mom. The wind farm is actually rather new (2010) - apparently one of the largest in Manitoba, possibly Canada (I believe I read that somewhere, or maybe i'm just making that up). There are roughly 60 wind turbines that can apparently generate enough power to serve 50,000 homes. That's a crazy amount when you think about it, and a pretty awesome way to generate energy in a green fashion all together. From the distance of the highway they don't seem so big, but when you actually drive up close to them, they are amazingly huge and pretty spectacular - not to mention ridiculously clean and gleaming white! There's something peaceful and calming when you stand there in the quiet with the dull noise of the highway in the distance watching the blades make their slow and steady rotations. I think i'd like to drive out there again in the future ( a much warmer future date), set out a blanket and have a date with my hubby or some friends to watch the windmills while catching some star trails. 

 Anyways, here's some shots from the windmill farm and some other stops to and from, including a stop to shoot "one" of my many ideal little cozy dream homes (prairie style that is) - it's just missing a wrap around porch, but seriously, in this pretty snowy prairie scenario i'd take it! I love the trees surrounding it and the peaceful isolation. And no, I don't mean the run down old farm shed you can see in the first picture while reading (keep scrolling down) - although I do really LOVE it too lol!  Thought i'd put a vintage twist on the day since was sunny with a nice haze- enjoy ;)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Wow, this is quite exciting for me! I finally get to make my very first blog post and share awesome photos of subjects that actually have less than four legs and aren't cute & furry - well ok, they were pretty damn cute I have to admit ;) 

I had the pleasure of shooting a "anytime love shoot" for fun with some good friends of my husband and I, Jason & Ana. Our winter has been ridiculously mild which provided warmth which was nice, however, it was a rather gloomy and dirty day but we managed to make the best of it at the waterfront and some other cool locations in the exchange district. 

I am not going to lie when I say that I was super duper nervous at first even with it being our close friends and all. I really wanted to treat the whole thing like it was a real shoot while actually proving I could capture some (semi) great shots that I could be proud of and that they'd love too. My wonderful husband accompanied me as my assistant (he's always the best to me) and we all had some fun and good laughs. 

It certainly helps that i've known Jay forever (since i've been with chris which is almost 10 years) so I relaxed pretty quickly. Lets just say Jay helped make my job easier as he definitely ain't shy around the of the camera - lucky for me lol. Ana hasn't known us quite as long and i'm pretty sure she was a bit nervous at first - naturally,who wouldn't be? I remember feeling strange at first during my own engagement shoot with Rebecca only a few years back. It's kinda weird having someone so close and sometimes in your perosnal space asking you "ok, now make out a little bit, ok not so much lol, now softy, look at him with loving eyes, put your hands here etc etc." Lets face it, it's just plain awkward at first. 

A funny moment worth mentioning was sometime within the first half hour - I had the two of them in a position I really liked but had to get super close in.  Poor Ana, she was a bit tense and you could see it, so of course Chris yells something like "Ok now Ana, lets not make it look like Jay hired an escort service, show him some LOVE !!!! " We all got a good laugh and the rest was history. By the end they were super natural and having fun with it and so was I. A little wind nipped and soggy toes later, we managed to get some great shots and followed the night up with some good food and desserts at Baked Expectations .... mmmmmm, so good!

Anyways, this photography thing just may prove harder than I think, simply because I took and tend to take A LOT of photos which is followed by the inability to narrow them down afterwards. There were just too many ones I loved from our shoot - those two just have to stop beings so darn cute!!!!! I literally spent half the day just trying to narrow them down to work on, all the while texting a sneak peak or three to the cute couple! Don't even ask me how long it takes to write a blog and post the pictures. 
So I hope everyone enjoys my very first shoot in my couples section and most of all Jay & Ana, I really hope you guys love them too. It's always a pleasure, I hope you had as much fun as I did!!!! xox

For those of you who follow regularly, just your first time, or simply popping by from your Facebook link, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't BE SHY to leave some blog loving by commenting below if you have seen some shots that you LIKE, LOVE, but hopefully NOT HATE ;) You DON'T NEED A ACCOUNT, it is open to anyone to comment. REMEMBER - it's my very first shoot and all your support, love, and encouragement is greatly appreciated more than you can know! Also, feel free to give a shout out to the good looking couple - they are seeing most of these shots for the first time themselves!!!!!!! 


 I seriously adore this shot - so much playfulness and love ... Ana, simply gorgeous - you look radiant! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't BE SHY to leave some blog loving by commenting below if you have seen some shots that you LIKE, LOVE, but hopefully NOT HATE ;) You DON'T NEED A ACCOUNT, it is open to anyone to comment. 

Monday, 20 February 2012


Well friends, I think i've done a pretty good job so far, it's been roughy four posts Peanut free so I think i'm good for a share. In fact, i've recently received some Peanut photography requests cause apparently i'm not the only one who finds him so god damn adorable - pardon my french ;)

I have so many pictures of 'the' Peanut it's always hard to decide when and how much I want to blog without it being overkill. I have to admit that about forty percent of my photography alone is of Peanut, my poor computer can hardly handle it all! He really is the best model though - he never really complains, never asks if he looks ok, nor does he ask me to edits things out - I like that about him! 

Today I was going thru some action shots from a few weeks ago of him running with his sweater and booties on in the snow. Christopher and I were laughing so hard - this dog seriously makes some of the funniest and craziest faces. I had brought my favourite one to photography class and everyone laughed immediately when it came on the screen followed by an "awwwwww." Those will be saved for another day to provide a good laugh! 

For now, here's some sweet ones I took at our families newly renovated office space. I love the texture of the old flooring and my little scruff looking out the window.  He kills me with those big eyes! 

Love this little guy big time, glad to know i'll have some great photos of him to last a lifetime! Feel free to share some blog love and comment below - it's open to anyone even if you don't have a blogger account.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Well my shoot at the Aviation Museum didn't quite go as it was originally planned you might say. I was looking really forward to seeing it, just like the legislative building, it was going to be my first visit there so I was curious to see what it was all about! 

Take note of the next sarcasm laced sentence ahead. Good thing I was looking SO forward to it all week with my Photography school that I completely missed the date! Yup, that's right, this keener right here assumed that the 18th of February was a Sunday {because that's when we've done all our out-of-class field trips} so the 18th couldn't possibly land on a Saturday. 

How's the saying go ...? 

"Don't assume anything, you only make an ass outa ... " WELL, you get the point! 

So yes, I wake up this morning all keen packing my bags and begin to look up  the directions to the museum only to notice "hmmmm that's funny why does it only open at 12 noon if the class is suppose to meet at ......" and que the "oh shit, I didn't!" Chris just laughed and shook his head as if not surprised by the least with yet another one of my assumptions gone terribly wrong! 

Anyways, after kicking myself non-literally in the ass, I decided that I wasn't going to miss out or show up to class empty handed with the embarrassing excuse that "I thought this ... I thought that." I drove down for noon, explained my pathetic case to the guy at the booth hoping to not have to pay since the class gets in free normally when they are together (I did get in - FREE - yay), and shot for a few hours. 

I think in the end everything worked out for the better. There was literally not a soul around for almost an hour and a half. This was incredible because it allowed me to capture all the shots I really wanted without getting my other photog classmates or other visitors in my shots. I mean don't get me wrong, I love shooting with other people and having company but nothing is worse than when you line up a great shot only to realize when you get home you can see an itty bitty photog with a tripod in your perfect shot far in the distance. lol This happened a lot at the legislative building for most of us - less for me, because when it comes to (what a think) is a great shot, I aint shy to ask people to move or wait till I got it. Anyways no ned to worry about that today which was nice. 

I also got to inspect the inside of an old Air Canada plane which was not barricaded when I initially went in but sure was when I tired to get out lol I had been shooting quietly inside on my tripod for about half an hour and I guess while inside someone set up a barricade without knowing I was even inside! 

Anyways, long story short, it was super neat and quite impressive to see these crafts of flight that allow us to go practically anywhere we desire. Something that I think we most often take for granted! I will say that shooting was definitely a mixed bag and a bit more of a challenge than usual. There is a lot of light paired with white and chrome surfaces which can make shooting a lot trickier than normal. You really you have to pay attention to your camera and apply different technical aspects to get your shots decent. Again, like the legislative building, I switched most of my shots to black and white because I LOVE the clean crisp and sometimes nostalgic look. I also really hate bright colours like yellows and greens which there was a lot of so hope you enjoy!