Sunday, 19 February 2012


Well my shoot at the Aviation Museum didn't quite go as it was originally planned you might say. I was looking really forward to seeing it, just like the legislative building, it was going to be my first visit there so I was curious to see what it was all about! 

Take note of the next sarcasm laced sentence ahead. Good thing I was looking SO forward to it all week with my Photography school that I completely missed the date! Yup, that's right, this keener right here assumed that the 18th of February was a Sunday {because that's when we've done all our out-of-class field trips} so the 18th couldn't possibly land on a Saturday. 

How's the saying go ...? 

"Don't assume anything, you only make an ass outa ... " WELL, you get the point! 

So yes, I wake up this morning all keen packing my bags and begin to look up  the directions to the museum only to notice "hmmmm that's funny why does it only open at 12 noon if the class is suppose to meet at ......" and que the "oh shit, I didn't!" Chris just laughed and shook his head as if not surprised by the least with yet another one of my assumptions gone terribly wrong! 

Anyways, after kicking myself non-literally in the ass, I decided that I wasn't going to miss out or show up to class empty handed with the embarrassing excuse that "I thought this ... I thought that." I drove down for noon, explained my pathetic case to the guy at the booth hoping to not have to pay since the class gets in free normally when they are together (I did get in - FREE - yay), and shot for a few hours. 

I think in the end everything worked out for the better. There was literally not a soul around for almost an hour and a half. This was incredible because it allowed me to capture all the shots I really wanted without getting my other photog classmates or other visitors in my shots. I mean don't get me wrong, I love shooting with other people and having company but nothing is worse than when you line up a great shot only to realize when you get home you can see an itty bitty photog with a tripod in your perfect shot far in the distance. lol This happened a lot at the legislative building for most of us - less for me, because when it comes to (what a think) is a great shot, I aint shy to ask people to move or wait till I got it. Anyways no ned to worry about that today which was nice. 

I also got to inspect the inside of an old Air Canada plane which was not barricaded when I initially went in but sure was when I tired to get out lol I had been shooting quietly inside on my tripod for about half an hour and I guess while inside someone set up a barricade without knowing I was even inside! 

Anyways, long story short, it was super neat and quite impressive to see these crafts of flight that allow us to go practically anywhere we desire. Something that I think we most often take for granted! I will say that shooting was definitely a mixed bag and a bit more of a challenge than usual. There is a lot of light paired with white and chrome surfaces which can make shooting a lot trickier than normal. You really you have to pay attention to your camera and apply different technical aspects to get your shots decent. Again, like the legislative building, I switched most of my shots to black and white because I LOVE the clean crisp and sometimes nostalgic look. I also really hate bright colours like yellows and greens which there was a lot of so hope you enjoy! 


  1. It was a good thing my love - you got the whole museum to ;) xoxoxoxoxoxo love the chrome looking shots!

  2. Oh, I thought this post got deleted because I tried clicking on it a day or two ago and it wasn't available! Glad it is now.

    How lucky you managed to get in! These moments happen, I had an appointment the other day which I had every intention of cancelling the day before, and was deeply embarrased when the lady called to say I hadn't turned up. What a dag I must have looked!

    Anyway, love the shots! Very cool place for photos My favourites are the ones of the aisle/seats and the cute one of your reflection in the end of that circle thing ;)

    (and Christopher's comment made me grin because Jason would say the exact thing in the exact way. Guys are so cute ;).

  3. I really love this photoshoot, Aimee!
    I think someone should consider it as a very original wedding shoot :) Also, you captured many interesting things, that maybe most of people wouldn't even consider. And I love your "mirror picture" so very much!

  4. I must not live in Winnipeg, because I had no idea we had an aviation museum! Loving the vintage air these photos have. Good job Aimee!!!

  5. Lucy, I had no idea either until now. It's on Ferry Road near the airport! Thanks for the kind words =)