Friday, 3 February 2012


What a treat - I woke up this morning to day number three of hoar frost. I am not even sure I can remember the last time we were graced with three consecutive days of frosty little wonderlands, but no one here is complaining, i'll take it! 

Each day has been it's very own ball game. Wednesday started out with a slight overcast which cleared away mid morning revealing beautiful blue skies which made all the frost covered tree branches pop against their spectacular blue horizon. I really love some of the shots I got that day even though I normally prefer shots that are more neutral and warm feeling. 

Yesterday the warmth made its presence known and some of the frost had started to dissipated away from the tress. It also remained kinda gloomy all day long, but was still pretty none the less. 

Todays hoar frost however was super spectacular! The entire city and outskirts were blanketed with a thick un relenting fog that made everything seem so mystical and somber for  most of the day. Naturally, I decided to pack up my girl and head solo to one of our large provincial parks just outside the city. I knew it would be a perfect day to shoot since there are normally very few people around other than mother nature herself, wildlife, and of course the horse ranch. Honestly, it's days like today that I can't help but realize how venturing into the nature can be so  therapeutic and good for the soul. In the middle of a huge field, standing knee high deep in cold snow I couldn't help but smile and think of how I normally would have cringed at such a site and thought this person was utterly nuts lol. 

The horse ranch turned out to be perfect start to my adventures. The thick fog in the early a.m. provided a mystic-like atmosphere and I managed to get a few nice shots when I wasn't busy  ducking and hiding from the stable guy trying to get his work done on the tractor. I am fairly confident that the sign reading NO ONE PAST THIS POINT was also meant for me, but in this particular case, no horses were disturbed in the taking of these shots and I was as little obtrusive of their territory as possible =)

I really love the haziness in the first shot that was created by the really thick fog and even more, I love the contrast of the black and white horses beside each other.

Equus is a genus of animals in the family Equidae that includes horsesdonkeys, and zebras. The term EQUINE refers to any member of this genus, including any horse. The word comes from Latin equus, "horse",[1] cognate with Greek "ἴκκος" (ikkos), "horse"[2] (the earliest form of the word is the Mycenaean Greek i-qo, written in Linear B syllabic script[3]). Thank you Wikipedia ;) 


  1. These are amazing Aimee!! LOVE it! :):) I very much enjoyed the foggy goodness and frosty trees as well. Keep the awesome pictures coming :)

  2. Bonjour mon sweets.... another amazing photo shoot... great job! And i'm happy to hear you are enjoying the cold - haha-