Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Wow, this is quite exciting for me! I finally get to make my very first blog post and share awesome photos of subjects that actually have less than four legs and aren't cute & furry - well ok, they were pretty damn cute I have to admit ;) 

I had the pleasure of shooting a "anytime love shoot" for fun with some good friends of my husband and I, Jason & Ana. Our winter has been ridiculously mild which provided warmth which was nice, however, it was a rather gloomy and dirty day but we managed to make the best of it at the waterfront and some other cool locations in the exchange district. 

I am not going to lie when I say that I was super duper nervous at first even with it being our close friends and all. I really wanted to treat the whole thing like it was a real shoot while actually proving I could capture some (semi) great shots that I could be proud of and that they'd love too. My wonderful husband accompanied me as my assistant (he's always the best to me) and we all had some fun and good laughs. 

It certainly helps that i've known Jay forever (since i've been with chris which is almost 10 years) so I relaxed pretty quickly. Lets just say Jay helped make my job easier as he definitely ain't shy around the of the camera - lucky for me lol. Ana hasn't known us quite as long and i'm pretty sure she was a bit nervous at first - naturally,who wouldn't be? I remember feeling strange at first during my own engagement shoot with Rebecca only a few years back. It's kinda weird having someone so close and sometimes in your perosnal space asking you "ok, now make out a little bit, ok not so much lol, now softy, look at him with loving eyes, put your hands here etc etc." Lets face it, it's just plain awkward at first. 

A funny moment worth mentioning was sometime within the first half hour - I had the two of them in a position I really liked but had to get super close in.  Poor Ana, she was a bit tense and you could see it, so of course Chris yells something like "Ok now Ana, lets not make it look like Jay hired an escort service, show him some LOVE !!!! " We all got a good laugh and the rest was history. By the end they were super natural and having fun with it and so was I. A little wind nipped and soggy toes later, we managed to get some great shots and followed the night up with some good food and desserts at Baked Expectations .... mmmmmm, so good!

Anyways, this photography thing just may prove harder than I think, simply because I took and tend to take A LOT of photos which is followed by the inability to narrow them down afterwards. There were just too many ones I loved from our shoot - those two just have to stop beings so darn cute!!!!! I literally spent half the day just trying to narrow them down to work on, all the while texting a sneak peak or three to the cute couple! Don't even ask me how long it takes to write a blog and post the pictures. 
So I hope everyone enjoys my very first shoot in my couples section and most of all Jay & Ana, I really hope you guys love them too. It's always a pleasure, I hope you had as much fun as I did!!!! xox

For those of you who follow regularly, just your first time, or simply popping by from your Facebook link, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't BE SHY to leave some blog loving by commenting below if you have seen some shots that you LIKE, LOVE, but hopefully NOT HATE ;) You DON'T NEED A ACCOUNT, it is open to anyone to comment. REMEMBER - it's my very first shoot and all your support, love, and encouragement is greatly appreciated more than you can know! Also, feel free to give a shout out to the good looking couple - they are seeing most of these shots for the first time themselves!!!!!!! 


 I seriously adore this shot - so much playfulness and love ... Ana, simply gorgeous - you look radiant! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't BE SHY to leave some blog loving by commenting below if you have seen some shots that you LIKE, LOVE, but hopefully NOT HATE ;) You DON'T NEED A ACCOUNT, it is open to anyone to comment. 


  1. I love this photoshoot so very much! Every single moment is well captured by your pictures...I like the heart shape made with hands very much!

  2. Oh Amiee, these are fantastic!! Ana & Jay might have taken a bit to warm up (as we all did!) but I can see you have weasled their personality and love out of them and into your brilliant photos!
    Some of my favourites are:

    - 4th one down, Ana eyes shut (so much feeling)
    - the lap shot (cute!)
    - the one underneath the lap shot of Ana grinning up into Jay's face
    - the one in front of the green shed with the hearts behind and them facing each other, looking into each others eyes.

    What a good looking couple! Congrats on the beautiful photos!

  3. Aimee your photography is amazing!

  4. Thank you so much Joc =) Are you an acquaintance or happened to stumble upon this blog?