Sunday, 19 February 2012


So i've definitely been slacking in my photography blogging world these days and plan to catch up very soon! I have so many little projects on the go, I really need to settle down and focus on one thing at a time. not to mention, my poor little Mac book pro is having a hard time dealing with my latest little obsession and she's been working overdrive ever since I bought my camera. I have so many programs and files running on a constant basis that she's been a bit sluggish and I really can't blame her. Might just be sooner than later that I may have to introduce her to another technological friend hopefully one that can help relieve her of some of her duties ... hopefully that'll be this summer, we'll see! 

Anyways, I thought i'd quickly post here in my photography blog world about my latest related addiction:: INSTAGRAM!!!!!! I'm just going to say it now - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone and its ability to allow me to capture things on the go or share with the world some of my favourite shots! I had been flirting with the idea of really becoming a dedicated and loyal Instagrammer  for some time, and somewhere in the last month, I have become a full blown INSTANERD - you wont catch me without my phone! Seriously, it's sitting beside me right now while I receive updates on my photos lol.
It's really super convenient to be able to quickly and creatively edit photos and share them! I love Instagram for the simple fact that I can edit my photos with totally whacky filters and styles that are super cool and definitely something I probably wouldn't do with my real ones. 

The next best thing aside from being able to share is that I also really LOVE discovering new artists and following some of the amazing instagrammers/photographers out there! It's truly unbelievable what some people can capture with just an iPhone or even shots from a pro camera but then adding some super amazing edits with just their iPhones. 

For any that have been following, you can easily notice that MY feed in particular has taken on a subject or theme of landscapes which I use to find was my least favourite type of photography. Now, I just love packing up and going for long walks thru small parks and forests in the area, or driving to random far away places in the province to shoot. Most days I am super happy with my feed and it's themes and styles, that is until I stumble upon someone whos feed is primarily of cool black and whites, amazing street photography or other awesome styles. I always want to change my theme up but don't want to ruin a flow or style that people might particularly follow me for. I am thinking about maybe each month doing a theme and taking a shot a day as a fun way to change things up and expand my horizons, so keep posted!

Anyways, above is a small mosaic of shots from my feed that was actually made by another Insatgrammer in Canada {Igerscanada} that scouts out insatgrammers and does shout outs for people to check out feeds she really loves. 


"I have found a stunning feed by @aimeedelalande and it's just post after post of beauty. Go check it out, you wont be disappointed!" 

I was super honoured and excited cause I've had about 20 new followers in the last two days alone after her shout out. Super exciting in Instaworld when you are still only in double digits of followers and stumbling upon other people who have thousands upon thousands of followers lol. 

I know there is some who don't have the luxury of the iPhone or the experience of the Instagram world just yet, and all I can say is this ... If you EVER have the chance to get yourself and iPhone, do yourself a favour and don't think twice especially if you LOVE taking photos! You can actually follow anyone by visiting sites like Gramfeed, just not sure if you can comment without an account - you'll have to check that little detail out on your own. If you do want to follow me specifically, you can at my feed by clicking here on @aimeedelalande on that site! Anyways, hope to post again sometime soon ... chao! 


  1. I feel so super left out. I've been eyeing people's instagram uploads on Facebook for the last year or so, and just LOVE the 50's, 60's hue some of them have. Esp the holiday shots that look like something my parents might have taken on their honeymoon.

    That is SO exciting that someone found you and your beautiful eye for nature and gave you the shout out!! I'd be singing for days...

    Am I able to follow you online? Is there a link you could shoot me with?

  2. Hannah, I know exactly how you feel. I was the same way for longest time when I didn't have my iPhone and a girlfriend I work with did! Any plans for one in the near future for you? Is it a matter of waiting for a contract to be up (I am assuming they are available in Australia as I follow a few from Melbourne and such)? They are amazing at what they let you do and all the apps you can add to edit photos.

    You are right about being over the moon - I was probably too excited about the whole thing hah.

    You can definitely follow my feed online at
    I've been posting like a maniac lately ;)

  3. Yes, iPhones are in plague proportions here as well. It's not a matter of waiting for a contract to be up.. it's more that the phone I do have DOES work, so I shouldn't be spending my pennies on another one... right? So it's a "one day" dream. :-/

    Your feed isn't working :(. It gives me the message that "only instagram uses may view this feed." :'(