Wednesday, 29 February 2012


In the very near future, I am going to be posting/ sharing my Photography goal list that I have made for myself in my very first year of shooting (2012). Because I partly suffer from self diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder at times, I love making lists (very NEAT ones) and then seeing things crossed off right before my eyes as I accomplish them! I haven't done this in a very long time (probably since my university days), but I made one recently in my photography notebook and having a physical photography goal list on paper will really help me get motivated to accomplish a lot or most of the things on my list! This is probably ringing close to home for some of my readers (one friend in mind - you know who you are).

Anywho, the reason I bothered mentioning the above falls hand in hand with this post i'm about to write. I'll let you in on one of the goals that will be appearing on my list - consider it like a "sneak peak." lol

I am going to admit it right now- I sometimes tend to be a creature of habit and tend to only practice in one area of photography. I love shooting people (when given the chance) and in my case a whole lot of animals (Peanut) and landscapes! I personally really enjoy capturing people and animals being themselves or in their natural and genuine states, providing physical memories of those we care about and love. I know it sounds cheesy to some, but it's true, and I don't care =) Not only do I enjoy shooting this type of photography, but I also find it comes more natural and I am able to be more creative in my shots when shooting actual subjects.

We recently did another out-of-class assignment/field trip to practice our night time photography at The Forks downtown (a local market which is one of our main tourist attractions for those who are not from Winnipeg). I had a feeling the whole experience was going to be challenging for me because one, night time photography is a lot more trickier than day time photography, and two I really don't seem to have the eye for architecture and street photography (yet). Being completely honest, I think I am slightly intimidated with the whole idea of night shooting in general and it leaves me feeling much less creative and able to have fun. It might also be partly due to the fact that I don't normally like the loud obnoxious colors of the street/city lights and the darkness overall. There are however a lot of cool things you can capture at night especially with light trails and starbursts of the street lamps.

I certainly do appreciate others night time photography and wish I was creative enough to capture some of the amazing shot I have seen out there and awesome effects! With that said, one of my PHOTOGRAPHY GOALS for 2012 is to learn and work more on SHOOTING AT NIGHT rather than straying away from the opportunities and neat things I could be capturing just because it's trickier or doesn't come naturally. In the end, I still might hate it, but at least I can decide based on a personal interest and not the fear of not knowing how to or it not coming naturally. So I plan to work at it throughout the year (hopefully much more in the summer when it's warm).

I have managed to capture some pretty neat shots at night that I am fairly proud of (at the legislative and also the forks this past week), but normally I call them lucky shots!  Actually,  in last weeks case my husbands company and support/ encouragement is what got me thru the night, oh, and a quick stop for a baileys and coffee at a little cafe nearby to warm up and re-group mentally when I was feeling less than creative. lol Yup, when i'm totally feeling intimidated or not confident at all, my man is the first one to be there to make me feel great about any situation!

The night was cold, and a few frozen toes later, I got some shots in the company of my hubby that I can bring to class. Some of these would probably be super cool in color to most, but of course I changed them to black and white cause that's how I roll. I also put a small mosaic on the bottom in color - although hard to see, what do your prefer black & white or color? The ones of the bridge are awesome because the crazy streaks are actually light streaks from like 12- 20 cars that passed by during that exposure. Super neat to catch once you get the hang of it all (and not by luck). Also, there is some starbursts in the street lamps if you look carefully - another night time technique you can achieve. The tall tower is laced with christmas lights, and the crazy squiggles are a technique to make the lights look crazy!  I also got a quick but rather poor quality shot of Chris and I which is the second half of the first night time shooting goal - "BETTER PEOPLE SHOOTING AT NIGHT."

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  1. Wow-ow-OW!! You're pumping out the techniques, these are crazy and I love them! The tower with all the beams of light pelting out of it has got me spellbound. I like it in b&w but I also like it in the green & red! Facinating! I also like the neon cone (coooooool!) in colour, and the others best in b&w.

    Yes please to Baileys & coffee! Warm me up!

    Gee, you're one good-looking pair of people...