Monday, 20 February 2012


Well friends, I think i've done a pretty good job so far, it's been roughy four posts Peanut free so I think i'm good for a share. In fact, i've recently received some Peanut photography requests cause apparently i'm not the only one who finds him so god damn adorable - pardon my french ;)

I have so many pictures of 'the' Peanut it's always hard to decide when and how much I want to blog without it being overkill. I have to admit that about forty percent of my photography alone is of Peanut, my poor computer can hardly handle it all! He really is the best model though - he never really complains, never asks if he looks ok, nor does he ask me to edits things out - I like that about him! 

Today I was going thru some action shots from a few weeks ago of him running with his sweater and booties on in the snow. Christopher and I were laughing so hard - this dog seriously makes some of the funniest and craziest faces. I had brought my favourite one to photography class and everyone laughed immediately when it came on the screen followed by an "awwwwww." Those will be saved for another day to provide a good laugh! 

For now, here's some sweet ones I took at our families newly renovated office space. I love the texture of the old flooring and my little scruff looking out the window.  He kills me with those big eyes! 

Love this little guy big time, glad to know i'll have some great photos of him to last a lifetime! Feel free to share some blog love and comment below - it's open to anyone even if you don't have a blogger account.


  1. He really is the best thing ever!
    And I love the pure white light that seems to fuel all your photos. Perfect.

  2. Good Stuff Girlie! I love how we have turned our pooches into models :) Keep it up!

  3. Nice photo's baby - he is pretty cute!