Sunday, 26 February 2012


Today was one of those "what shall I do" kinda days since my husband had to work and I was all alone today. I am certainly not short of things I need to work on business or house chore wise, but that's just not as fun as packing up and just going somewhere to shoot. I better enjoy the luxury before children, I know!  Anyhow, half asleep, looking pretty rough around the edges, I bundled myself up, threw a toque on, and headed out the door with my camera. I dropped Chris off at work around eight in the morning and didn't even know where I was really heading to or what I had in mind (other than a definite coffee stop pronto). I decided to head towards the south Perimeter were I could pick my direction from there. 

I ended up getting so caught up with the top 30 countdown on the radio that I completely missed any potential turn offs, so there I was heading south towards the border. I contemplated turning down a/any road to catch some neat old farm houses or the prairies at their best but then I remembered the amazing windmill farm I had noticed for the first time a year ago when driving to the states with my mom. The wind farm is actually rather new (2010) - apparently one of the largest in Manitoba, possibly Canada (I believe I read that somewhere, or maybe i'm just making that up). There are roughly 60 wind turbines that can apparently generate enough power to serve 50,000 homes. That's a crazy amount when you think about it, and a pretty awesome way to generate energy in a green fashion all together. From the distance of the highway they don't seem so big, but when you actually drive up close to them, they are amazingly huge and pretty spectacular - not to mention ridiculously clean and gleaming white! There's something peaceful and calming when you stand there in the quiet with the dull noise of the highway in the distance watching the blades make their slow and steady rotations. I think i'd like to drive out there again in the future ( a much warmer future date), set out a blanket and have a date with my hubby or some friends to watch the windmills while catching some star trails. 

 Anyways, here's some shots from the windmill farm and some other stops to and from, including a stop to shoot "one" of my many ideal little cozy dream homes (prairie style that is) - it's just missing a wrap around porch, but seriously, in this pretty snowy prairie scenario i'd take it! I love the trees surrounding it and the peaceful isolation. And no, I don't mean the run down old farm shed you can see in the first picture while reading (keep scrolling down) - although I do really LOVE it too lol!  Thought i'd put a vintage twist on the day since was sunny with a nice haze- enjoy ;)


  1. I LOVE vintage! Looks amazing Aimee! :):):)

  2. Can I say gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous!? Such a dreamy look. I love the old effect you used so so much. Wish I could make my photos look that amazing!

  3. Really beautiful! I envy your ability to photograph the day away...I want that job!

  4. Hannah, I love the old look too ... something nostalgic - like looking at my grandparents old pictures.

    Amanda, I only wish this could be my job every day! It all comes to a bitter sweet end in just over a month and then it's back to work for me - in the meantime I'm gonna get my fill in as much as I can until then.