Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Pretty much anyone who knows me vaguely by acquaintance or knows me very well can tell you one certain fact about me that will always remain true; I am always in a damn near state of hypothermia. That's right, I truly always seems to be  freezing cold and can never seem to find any warmth or comfort unless it is 30 degrees plus and the sun is beating down on me unrelentlessly. Even as I sit here writing this blog post sipping my steamy hot coffee with a sweater, leggings, and a cozy pair of knee high knitted socks, my arms still manage to resemble chicken skin from all my little goose pimples poking up. 

With this said, it should come at no surprise to any of you that for a very good portion of my life, ok lets be honest here, ALL my life I have always DESPISED winter. It's terrible to admit, but I have never looked forward to winter in any shape way or form and the first sights of frost in October already have me preparing for hibernation mode which includes as little venturing from my overheated home as possible. Luckily however, with my new accomplice(s) by my side (Camera + Peanut), I have recently gained a new found appreciation for what the winter months can hold aside from frost bitten extremities and chills that travel straight to the bone. 

Now more often than not, my poor husband wakes to the hysterics of my excitement when I have peeked out the window only to discover that mother nature has laid down a fresh blanket of gorgeous white fluffy snow or lined the trees with frost that just seems to make everything so pretty and magical. With Peanut and camera by my side, winter has become my Oyster and I often excite at the idea of venturing out for long walks and getting so caught up in shooting the beautful landscapes that I forget it's even cold in the first place. I must admit we've had a pretty mild winter so far, not to mention i've finally invested in a warm winter jacket, but there has definitely been an occasion or two when i've spent so much time outdoors that I didn't even realize my toes were half frost bitten until I was finally inside. 

Today was just one of those days; I squealed with excitement when I peeked through my blinds to discover a frosty winter wonderland right before my eyes.  As soon as I dropped Chris off at work, I packed up my girl, abducted our family dog Peanut, and headed out for one of our favourite places to venture - the off leash doggy forest/park outside the city. Here are some of the pretty shots I managed to capture today.  

Anyways, i'm quite certain that my excitement for winter will eventually wear off, but after days like today I don' think it's too likely that's it's going to be anytime soon which is ok with me, and i'm sure Peanut too! I plan to post more at a time when I actually know how to mosaic them so they don't take up so much space in one post. 


  1. Lady Amiee! These are beee-aaaa-uuuutiful!!!! And so nice and big I feel like I'm actually in them. Your favourite one is certainly mine too. Get it framed! Although, you've probably got all your walls FULL already.

    Go girl!

  2. Aimee!!! You make me miss Winnipeg even more ( I know, it's crazy, but i do really miss all the snow). You picts are so well taken, congrats, you are always improving your skills! The Peanut pict is my favourite, he is so adorably cute Aimee:)

  3. Aimee! My woooord! These.are.GORGEOUS! Your skills/talent/eye improves with every photo you take! Those courses certainly paid off, but I know that good taste and an eye for a perfect photograph can't be taught. Keep snappin' away, I can't wait to see what else you see through that lense. xo