Monday, 26 March 2012


A continued post from her sneak peak on Friday, I have for you one adorable 8 month old cutie pie named Isabella.

It was my very first in-home session with Isabella and her mom, and I am still not sure she's warmed up to the idea of being a model just yet ;) She's certainly cute enough, just a tad camera shy, but it'll come - i'm sure of it. I mean really, can you blame the poor sweetheart? Who wouldn't be uncomfortable around some stranger coming into your home and pointing some big black ornate object in your face all the while moving you around to get the perfect shot?

Even though Isabella made us work a little for these shots, it was definitely worth it in the end! I hope mom & dad will enjoy as well as the rest of you. I just love the shot of her precious little foot and her adorable expression in the shot above it! Feel free to share some love below and comment.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Meet Madeleine and Scott! This cute couple are only a month away from celebrating their big day and I get the pleasure of shooting them!
Today we did some pre-wedding engagement photos out at their home in LaSalle Manitoba. It was a rather cold blustery day despite the high sun, but I think we managed to capture some great shots! Hope you enjoy your sneak peak Madeleine and Scott, it was a fun day, quading an all! Feel free to share some blog love on their sneak peak by commenting below.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Just thought i'd share one quick little sneak peak from today's shoot with the adorable little Isabella. Her beautiful handmade tutu by mommy and matching little flower headband were almost too much to handle - goodness I love little girls! I will be working on her photos this weekend and will be sure to post more of this little cutie petutie once they are done! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I am super thrilled to share my first additions to my Portrait portfolio here on my blog.

Meet the University of Manitoba's (sharp looking) Pharmacy Class of 2013!  Shooting their year book photos was one of those not even thought of, totally unexpected, awesome opportunities that wasn't on the 2012 list of photogrpahy goals. Needless to say, I am definitely not complaining that I not only get to add portrait shots to my list, but also strike it off as a 2012 accomplishment! Who would have thought - certainly not me!
I really had a tonne of fun doing the shots for them and everyone was super great to work with! I'm telling you, this is one damn good looking group and smart to boot, so making them look good wasn't too hard at all! Just point and shoot ;)

I even had some pretty funny characters to say the least that had me laughing so hard with their props and ridiculous faces. I sent the class this little "SNEAK PEAK" below of some of what I though were to be the most impressionable models from the day. Not sure, but rummor has it that some of these may ACTUALLY be apprearing in the yearbook =)

Anyways meet the more serious and professional version class of 2013 below - and a special thanks to my ridiculously patient husband (very bottom left) who stood and posed for about 20 shots before I decided what I liked best for backgrounds in their Pharmacy Building! xx

Monday, 12 March 2012


One item on my 2012 list of Photography goals was to attempt to shoot a photo a day. So far it has been pretty easy to keep up with during this slow time, but I know it is going to get difficult come the next month when back to work at my other job.

I plan to keep up with it as best as possible and I love the idea of shooting everyday because it forces you to get creative and try new things!

I can confidently say I most likely won't have time in the near future to share with you over the blog everday, but I will make random posts on a couple quick shots i've caught throughout the week that I like. I do try and post photos daily on Instagram however. I usually do this at about 2:00 a.m. just befor bed everynight - crazy I know! I am trying to at the very least post a photo everday so that I have 365 photos or more by 2012, so feel free to follow or check them here.

I may also open some time of online sharing account such as picassa or Flikr as another way to share the many shots that don't make it ont the blog. I'll keep you posted on that as well.

Here are a few shots from last week and the week before that from two separate outings.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought it would be a great idea to share with everyone my 2012 Photgraphy goals  that I scribbled down in my notebook after the new year and also to provide myself ewith yet another visual list to help me stay on track of accomplishing some of, or in a perfect world - all the things on it. 

Some of the items on the list are totally out there and probably wont happen, or at least a couple of them for sure, but better to think big, or just go home! You never know what opportunities might come knocking - right? I have already to date accomplished some of the things on this list which is great! I feel like i'm off to a good start. My blog here for instances is one of the things I got on right away or should I say had someone else help me get on top of! I think I have also found my person I consider my Photographer/business mentor. She has helped me heeps since the moment she knew I bought a camera. I don't think she knows this yet, but Noella, you have been so wonderful words cannot express how thankful I am to have met you, i think we'll both laugh when I say, who would have thought!  She has offered me so many awesome opportunities, support, and direction, and a bonus to it all - I love her style of Photography! I am super glad for this being crossed off my list, cause the people who take the time in the beginning to help you are what really shape us and paves the way into our future!
Anyways, I'll keep this short and sweet and just get to the list of course with a pretty shot of my actual notebook list.


 Complete a Portrait Photography Course
Create a Personal Photography Blog
Start sharing shots online with Family & Friends 
Learn to shoot better at Night and in low light Situations
Find a Photographer/business Mentor
Find a Photographer to volunteer with or work with either permanently or casually
Attend a wedding(s) as s second shooter or helper 
Build up my People & Couples Portfolio 
Shoot some cool Star Trails and Sparkler shots
Purchase a new lens 
Shoot a photo everyday or more for 365 days
Totally crazy, but i'll put it down - shoot my own Wedding or Engagement shoot
Shoot more children and family shoots
Take monthly photo walks (especially throughout downtown)
Go on a TRIP specifically to shoot
Attend a Seminar or Workshop

I'll keep you all updated here and there on how the list is going as things get accomplished!