Sunday, 1 April 2012


Meet Madeleine & Scott. With only a month away from the their wedding day, we made sure to schedule a fun afternoon of engagement photos amongst all the hustle and bustle that comes with planning a wedding! The best part about shooting this couples photos was the fact that I got to capture Madeleine and Scott (especially) enjoying some of the things they love doing most out on their property in LaSalle Manitoba. With many acres to themselves and some long gravel roads, they are nothing short of fun when it comes to some pretty awesome toys like their quad and Scott's bike. Madeleine had told me before hand that they hardly owned any nice shots of them together and that her only hope was that she could have at least one nice photo to cherish forever! Well Madeleine, we still have the wedding ahead of us, but I hope you and Scott love your engagement photos! They capture the essence of you both and your lifestyle, and I think you have more than a few great shots to cherish! Hope you all enjoy Madeleine and Scott's engagements - don't be shy to tell them which ones you like most and share as we call it around here some "blog lovin."

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  1. They are all gorgeous!! Love the setting. They look so in love :)

    My favourites are the balloon ones! So sweet!