Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I am super thrilled to share my first additions to my Portrait portfolio here on my blog.

Meet the University of Manitoba's (sharp looking) Pharmacy Class of 2013!  Shooting their year book photos was one of those not even thought of, totally unexpected, awesome opportunities that wasn't on the 2012 list of photogrpahy goals. Needless to say, I am definitely not complaining that I not only get to add portrait shots to my list, but also strike it off as a 2012 accomplishment! Who would have thought - certainly not me!
I really had a tonne of fun doing the shots for them and everyone was super great to work with! I'm telling you, this is one damn good looking group and smart to boot, so making them look good wasn't too hard at all! Just point and shoot ;)

I even had some pretty funny characters to say the least that had me laughing so hard with their props and ridiculous faces. I sent the class this little "SNEAK PEAK" below of some of what I though were to be the most impressionable models from the day. Not sure, but rummor has it that some of these may ACTUALLY be apprearing in the yearbook =)

Anyways meet the more serious and professional version class of 2013 below - and a special thanks to my ridiculously patient husband (very bottom left) who stood and posed for about 20 shots before I decided what I liked best for backgrounds in their Pharmacy Building! xx


  1. Oohhhh! The one in the last row, second from the right--he's pretty cute! You should get his number. Good work chicklet!

    1. Yeah he's not too shabby ... looks like he's in first year university all over again in this pic! Feel like a bit of a cougar simply based on how young he looks lol

    2. I'm also a cradle robber. Don't be ashamed friend!

  2. Lovely! What a fun project. And the way you shoot makes them all look like celebrities, way to go!!