Sunday, 29 April 2012


Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing the day as Madeleine & Scott shared their vows and became Mr & Mrs Qually. A couple quick peeks from their day shortly after becoming husband and wife!

Congratulations to these two newlyweds, have a wonderful time on your honeymoon! 

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Here's the last few shots i've been wanting to share from little Olivia's session last week. These ones were taken as we were wrapping up our session and they are just so simple and natural - sometimes the best shots and in this case some of my personal favourites! I love that Olivia's mom are in these too, such a pretty mommy and daughter! Hope you enjoy the last little bit of this cutie pies session until I see Olivia again.

And of course, I couldn't resist taking a shot of beautiful KIWI who was watching keenly as we did the last part of our shoot - such a doll, I LOVE this!

Friday, 13 April 2012


Here's another little selection of favourites from Olivia's session from earlier this week. This little girls big beautiful eyes and adorable faces are sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I couldn't wait to get some of these sneak peak shots up and considering our session was just this morning, you can see the truth behind that statement.

This is just a few shots of miss Olivia, and I think I may just have to do her session in three parts cause there were so many great shots, with some different dynamics to them all.

This little baby girl was super fun to shoot and had me laughing pretty much the entire time. They are pretty dang cute at this age!

She started out (like most babies do) looking at me like who the heck is this person? The first snap of my camera (first two shots below) are not only adorable but funny because they capture the exact moment when she considered crying or going with the flow of the whole camera business. Luckily for me, she decided to go with the whole thing and from that moment on she was full of smiles and a lot of funny faces too. 

Hope you & your family love them Stacey, and I hope everyone else enjoys the first couple shots of Olivia. Be sure to check back later this week for some more of Olivia's session. 
And as always, feel free to leave comments or some "blog love" (as we call it) for miss Olivia below ( no account necessary).   

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Just thought i'd share a couple cute shots I took this week of our little scruff Peanut. Couldn't help myself, he just looked too cute gnawing on his stick. He has never really been good at playing fetch, especially not with a stick - it normally consists of me throwing it, him chasing it, only to plop himself down to chew it.

If you're anything like me, pets are practically like children & family, if you or anyone you know are ever looking for shots of your furry little friend, i'm your girl!

Saturday, 7 April 2012


I've been itching to post the rest of Aubrey's session on the blog, so here they are, just a few more of my favourites from the day!

This sweet little girl is just one month old, I know ...  you'd never believe it with that beautiful set of hair. Trust me though, all it takes is one look at those teeny tiny hands and toes and you know she's very new to this world.

I just love her in the mini tutu made for a mini little waist, especially the vertical of just her face being my favourite - can you see the sweet little smile? Like she's dreaming of happy thoughts  I also love her in the knitted cocoon too - so precious.

Anyways, I hope Aubrey's mom and family love her shots and everyone else enjoys them too, thanks for stopping by to take a peek and remember anyone can leave comments or some blog love for little Aubrey below (no account necessary) !

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


It's hard to pick a sneak peak favourite when you're shooting such a precious little bugaboo like little Aubrey! Only one month old, and check out all that hair - perfect for sporting some pretty headbands.

To see more of little miss Aubrey check back later this week for some more shots from our afternoon session!

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Meet Madeleine & Scott. With only a month away from the their wedding day, we made sure to schedule a fun afternoon of engagement photos amongst all the hustle and bustle that comes with planning a wedding! The best part about shooting this couples photos was the fact that I got to capture Madeleine and Scott (especially) enjoying some of the things they love doing most out on their property in LaSalle Manitoba. With many acres to themselves and some long gravel roads, they are nothing short of fun when it comes to some pretty awesome toys like their quad and Scott's bike. Madeleine had told me before hand that they hardly owned any nice shots of them together and that her only hope was that she could have at least one nice photo to cherish forever! Well Madeleine, we still have the wedding ahead of us, but I hope you and Scott love your engagement photos! They capture the essence of you both and your lifestyle, and I think you have more than a few great shots to cherish! Hope you all enjoy Madeleine and Scott's engagements - don't be shy to tell them which ones you like most and share as we call it around here some "blog lovin."