Monday, 30 July 2012


Meet my wonderful and expectantly hilarious extended family. These individuals make me laugh so much at times with their genuine personalities and hilarious antics (some more than others - STEVE) and I'm continuously amazed and reminded of how lucky I am to have gotten them as extra members to call my family. They certainly make me laugh and this weekend we had plenty of that going on. 
They turned out really great and everyone was looking "especially fresh" (for their cousins wedding) as  it is sometimes referred to in the Dupont household. The sibling pictures are truly great and some of my favourites for sure - I even got to sneak myself into a couple. How lucky am I to be apart of this beautiful family, from being married to one of two good looking brothers, to their beautiful sister, and their amazing and loving parents!?!
Anways, hope everyone enjoys! Cheers to having wonderful extended family! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Meet my friend Tony and his ridiculously handsome son Alexander. I won't fib when I say that  I absolutely couldn't wait to get these two in front of my camera last night and certainly can't wait to again in the future (pretty much wether they like it or not they may be my personal models). 

They are the epitome of the cutest little father & son duo you just can't help but smile when you watch them walk hand in hand together. I must say I also absolutely adore the fact that they naturally have that beachy surfer look to them both which is exactly why I chose the beach for their shoot. 

These are only a few sneak peaks of some of my favorite shots. Anthony, I hope you enjoy them and look forward to the many and I mean MANY more of your ridiculously adorable guy. 

Monday, 16 July 2012


Meet Drake, just about the most smiley little guy hailing beautiful golden locks of the cutest curly hair you can imagine! I was lucky enough to get them on camera just before he goes for his second hair cut ever - I am sure his daddy will be pleased :) 
Drake warmed up rather quickly once he got use to the lady with the big black camera chasing him around the play structure at Kildonan Park. I can't tell you how cute his many facial expressions are and the adorable way he gets himself up on both feet. I couldn't help but giggle as I watched his four point contact also quite closely resembling downward dog turn into three point contact (two legs + one extended arm) and then finally two point contact (both legs). It really is the cutest thing and I am super glad to have captured it. 
Heidi, I hope you enjoy, and can't wait to do family pictures later this summer! 

Friday, 13 July 2012


I am super excited to share the sneak peak of this adorable little guy named DRAKE!

Mother nature really made us hold out on getting this session done, but it was well worth the wait! This little guys curly blonde hair and charming smile was almost too hard to handle the entire shoot! I had a ball chasing him around the play structure playing peek-a-boo and just being all together silly!

Can't wait to edit the rest this week - Heidi, you're going to have quite the lady charmer when this little guy grows up ;)