Monday, 16 July 2012


Meet Drake, just about the most smiley little guy hailing beautiful golden locks of the cutest curly hair you can imagine! I was lucky enough to get them on camera just before he goes for his second hair cut ever - I am sure his daddy will be pleased :) 
Drake warmed up rather quickly once he got use to the lady with the big black camera chasing him around the play structure at Kildonan Park. I can't tell you how cute his many facial expressions are and the adorable way he gets himself up on both feet. I couldn't help but giggle as I watched his four point contact also quite closely resembling downward dog turn into three point contact (two legs + one extended arm) and then finally two point contact (both legs). It really is the cutest thing and I am super glad to have captured it. 
Heidi, I hope you enjoy, and can't wait to do family pictures later this summer! 


  1. What a happy little baby! I just love his 'gummy' smile!! Great photos!!!

  2. That's quite the coiffe this wee man is sporting! He's like a mini Donald Trump! I love him and could squish him to bits!