Saturday, 18 August 2012


Jodie and Igor were blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby girl on August 4th at 10:33 p.m..
Not knowing if it was a boy or girl during the pregnancy, Matea kept them waiting in anticipation right until the very end plus an extra week and a half!

I was excited to work with the tiny and ever so precious Matea who was only 7 days old at the time. Our session went like a dream, Matea slept peacefully, comfortably, and adorably in her outfit changes during entire session. I think she only peeked a couple times to see what was going on or if I dared to remove her favourite cream throw ;)

Jodie and Igor, I hope you and your family from overseas love the first glimpse of the newest addition to the family. You are definitely a beautiful one, it was such a pleasure!

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