Thursday, 30 August 2012


Meet Gerry Dupont, my wonderful father-in-law and much loved husband, father, friend, and uncle to my extended family & their friends.

Little did Gerry know, but we had a surprise birthday party waiting for him in a Private room at the Pony Coral to celebrate his milestone 65th Birthday. We felt awfully bad having to fib about why we couldn't spend his real birthday with him, but I think he soon forgave us once he realized what we had up our sleeves the entire time!

We wanted to make his birthday fun and memorable for all, so we came up with a game "Who Know's Gerry Best?"consisting of a fun questionnaire with hilarious questions and even funnier multiple choice answers complete with a prize for the winner!

We also set up a photobooth complete with fun props and costumes so that everyone could participate and make some great shots and family photos for everyone to have. The photobooth was a hit, and as always, there were a few shy faces at first but everyone warmed up and had a blast - EVEN Gerry who is normally the most shy when it comes to things like these.

Enjoy our family PHOTOBOOTH shots - the fun & perfect addition to any birthday party in my books!

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