Saturday, 6 October 2012


A friend and co-worker of mine was recently surprised when his mom showed up with a new addition to their family. Knowing how much I LOVE puppies, and how much his mom would appreciate some shots of their sweet little Nala, he didn't hesitate to call .

At only 8 weeks old, this beautiful German Shepard Lab Cross has energy for days that will certainly be keeping everyone on their toes, especially her new sister Meela a Toy Poodle and Yorkie cross. Poor Meela is still adjusting to her new overly energetic friend. She nervously stares at Nala from the couch unimpressed with her unpredictable puppy antics. Given time, I think Meela will come around and they'll be good little chums.

I made sure to give sweet little Meela lots of extra scratches and attention just in case she was feeling a little left out for attention. Anyways, hope you enjoy the cuteness of puppy Nala below!

Good luck with the puppy and potty training, i'll be looking very forward to some puppy play dates!

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