Saturday, 22 December 2012


With the holiday almost near, my wrapping has come to an end. Just a few more odds n' ends (Peanut the family puppys' gift) to take care of but for the most part ready to wrap er up and put away all the fun Christmas crafts and wrapping supplies and enjoy the holidays thoroughly. 

Thought i'd share a few more shots of the last few wrapped gifts, these being my favourites, especially the knitted mitten one and the green and red one for my dad, masculine, but lovely! 

Wishing everyone happy holidays and a wonderful New Years! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Had to share some personal photography goodness on the blog in the spirit of the holidays finally being here :)

All who know me well can attest to the fact that there are few people who love Christmas and the holidays as much as I do. I am the person who's Christmas cards will arrive at your home around EXACTLY on December 1st (or earlier - it happened just last year). With that said, I can tell you I definitely wasn't so  hasty in getting to the post office this year as to avoid the inevitable teasing my best friend would have surely given me had they come a day earlier than December. 

I am known for absolutely LOVING traditions, Christmas ones especially. I already have a imaginary list of all the things I can and want to do when I have children of my own; from DIY crafts, holiday baking, family dinners & Christmas get togethers, pickings of fresh christmas trees and letting the kids decorate them however their little hearts desire, to gingerbread houses, delivering Christmas hampers to the less fortunate families and the list goes on. I know parents of actual children are probably laughing right now thinking 'just you wait and see if you have time for all these things' but I still like to believe I will be able to make Christmases special and memorable every year for them and my friends and relatives.

Also known am I as the individual whom has their tree up before the month of December and  undoubtedly leaves it up for long periods too long periods of time. This was conveniently brought up in my Maid of Honours speech on my wedding day (I guess mid February is rather long to still have the tree up but I blame not enough storage issues for that).   See the re-occuring theme of my best friend teasing me about my holiday OCD?  She really is the best I swear I love her to bits ;) 
Anyways, I love that I got to put up two Christmas trees - home and the studio for mini christmas sessions which makes things extra cheery this year. This tree WILL come down as soon as Christmas is over since i'm sure my photog studiomates may not be as thrilled with Christmas in February. 

I love my Christmas music which is playing either in the car, studio, or at home. Last year I purchased the Michael Buble Christmas CD for my husband who is the actual fan. Turns out I like him too and Mr. Buble will continue to be the forefront of my christmas music for 2012 - another detail I have also  been mocked for. If you're thinking the best friend again, it is actually another friend grinch in my life lol.  

Which brings me to my next holiday obsession which is trying my hardest to rack my brain and spend what probably is far too many hours finding thoughtful/useful gifts that I think will be perfect for my family and friends. I was once tracked down a rare Kathy Van Zealand purse that my mother-in-law had once mentioned she loved. It only took two years, but still, I managed to find it eventually and she was so surprised and happier than ever which made in return made me happier!  I normally pride myself in this goal seeking quest, however, I will admit that this year there are far less creative juices flowing "thoughtful/useful" gifts are proving to be a little more difficult to find than any year before. For that simple reason alone, I will definitely have to overcompensate somehow for what may be the least "thoughtful" year of gift giving with WRAPPING!!!!!!!!!! 

That's right, if I can't find good enough gift that are thoughtful or useful, i'm going to be damn sure that whatever they are, they be wrapped with as much love and thoughtfulness these little fingers and crafty mind can come up with. One can only hope that my friends and family will be so thrilled with their wrapping job that they'll either forget how un thrilled they were with the actual gifts or even better, not want to open them at all lol! 

So, I give you the first peek at just one of my "handmade with love" wrapping jobs! This prettily wrapped kraft box is stuffed with delicious Eggnog cookies & holiday pretzel bites I baked this past weekend. I plan to make my unimaginative Christmas presents look just as pretty ;)