Wednesday, 20 February 2013


After much planning and anticipation, I finally got to do my very first cake smash session with miss Aubrey who celebrated her first birthday this past week. 

Oh my goodness gracious! Our cake smash session might be one of my favourite sessions to date and looking like it might be on my list of top favourite things to shoot. Although it took a lot of planning, set -up, and clean up afterwards, this cake smash session was worth every ounce of energy it took to bring it together - it is definitely safe to say I will be planning for more in 2013. 

There was such much laughter and excitement in the room as Aubrey went from curiously looking at her cupcake, to then taking a few tastes, and then not fooling around and going right to town on it! I was laughing, mom & dad were laughing, and Aubrey at one point was laughing and smiling at all of us as if we were the real show. It was such a great time that the smell of icing and the sounds of Aubrey's mom & dad laughing will stick with me for a very long time. I can't help but smile every time I think about the session and that is what it's all about! 

Hope you enjoy Aubrey's CAKE SMASH celebration! 


Meet sweet 8 day old Griffin Hugo Cameron and his lovely parents Meghan & Justin. Our session was a complete surprise to me as it wasn't one I had scheduled ahead of time. Meghan had just had Griffin the past Friday before and contacted me in hopes we could all meet up - three days later I had my hands and camera all over their new little bundle of joy. Newborns and babies have always struck a cord with me as I just love children when they are tiny, and maybe more & more with each newborn specifically because I have been feeling the baby fever lately. How can you not when you see such wonderful little gifts like him? 

Our sessions, like all newborn sessions went so well. The little guy slept through the entire 2 hours only peeking a couple times to see what was going on. I always tell everyone the key to our peaceful and sleepy sessions is the warmth of the studio. I always joke that I should turn the studio into a drop in center for parents and their newborns to visit when they need some sleep.

We got some wonderful shots, including some with an adorable knitted hat that was gift to Griffin especially for his photo shoot. the family shots are wonderful and I am also truly in LOVE with the itsy bitsy parts of sweet Griffin I was able to capture with my new lens. Look at how tiny winy his little fingers, lips, ears, and toes are?! Such a precious memory to serve as a reminder of how tiny they once were cause we all know how quickly they grow up right before our eyes.  Enjoy the sweetness that is Griffin and his lovely parents. 


Although chilly and miserable on the best of days, our Winnipeg winters really do offer offer such a lovely backdrop for amazing photos. I normally hibernate indoors to avoid the cold when I can, but there is just something beautiful & romantic about winter photos that can't quite keep me away.  Jamie and Rawb will be getting married next December and they were smart in choosing a warm destination wedding since they are not fans of our cold Winnipeg weather. I know I just declared how our winters can be pretty and offer lovely photos but the ocean, sand, sun, and palm tress are even better and I'm not one to argue on that one! 

Jamie thought i'd be great to do some photos at the Assinaboine Park Conservatory since the tropical feel would match their amazing destination wedding they have planned. I also had in mind that I would somehow work my magic in convincing them ok mostly Rawb, that we should brave the cold and take some outside too since it was such a beautiful sunny day. Reluctantly he agreed, but it was definitely well worth it and I think he may have enjoyed it just a wee bit too minus some nipped ears :) Rawb and Jamie are so fun together, I don't think anyone stopped laughing at Rawb's silliness and playfulness for more than a minute at a time. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013


I am excited to share the first glimpse of sweet little Griffin with his new parents, family & friends. Our session was so wonderful and newborns (especially ones who are as sweet as Griffin) always leave me in awe and appreciation of how much beauty new life holds. Check back mid this week for some more shots of Griffin and a little more about our session.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Goodness gracious, can someone please tell me where December & January went?! It feels like both months slipped past me so quickly.

I definitely have some catching up to do on the blog including sharing some missed sessions and of course sharing my newest 2013 Photography goals. I also want have to do a recap of my first wonderful year of venturing into Photography and the list I had hoped to accomplish in 2012 and how much of that was actualized and what will be rolling onto this next year.

With that said, I thought I'd start by catching up and sharing a selection of "Best of Christmas Minis" from this past December. I had some pretty cute characters in the studio, mostly returning clients, with one new little man that was not only sweet and handsome,  but just a joy to photograph in general. In fact, I think i'll have to share his family session on the blog too as they were all so wonderful to work with.