Wednesday, 20 February 2013


After much planning and anticipation, I finally got to do my very first cake smash session with miss Aubrey who celebrated her first birthday this past week. 

Oh my goodness gracious! Our cake smash session might be one of my favourite sessions to date and looking like it might be on my list of top favourite things to shoot. Although it took a lot of planning, set -up, and clean up afterwards, this cake smash session was worth every ounce of energy it took to bring it together - it is definitely safe to say I will be planning for more in 2013. 

There was such much laughter and excitement in the room as Aubrey went from curiously looking at her cupcake, to then taking a few tastes, and then not fooling around and going right to town on it! I was laughing, mom & dad were laughing, and Aubrey at one point was laughing and smiling at all of us as if we were the real show. It was such a great time that the smell of icing and the sounds of Aubrey's mom & dad laughing will stick with me for a very long time. I can't help but smile every time I think about the session and that is what it's all about! 

Hope you enjoy Aubrey's CAKE SMASH celebration! 


  1. What a fun idea! And it brings out her gorgeous nature. Love it all Aimee!

  2. Love them!!! Just thought I would check to see if you had posted any photos and wow, they are just awesome!!!