Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Although chilly and miserable on the best of days, our Winnipeg winters really do offer offer such a lovely backdrop for amazing photos. I normally hibernate indoors to avoid the cold when I can, but there is just something beautiful & romantic about winter photos that can't quite keep me away.  Jamie and Rawb will be getting married next December and they were smart in choosing a warm destination wedding since they are not fans of our cold Winnipeg weather. I know I just declared how our winters can be pretty and offer lovely photos but the ocean, sand, sun, and palm tress are even better and I'm not one to argue on that one! 

Jamie thought i'd be great to do some photos at the Assinaboine Park Conservatory since the tropical feel would match their amazing destination wedding they have planned. I also had in mind that I would somehow work my magic in convincing them ok mostly Rawb, that we should brave the cold and take some outside too since it was such a beautiful sunny day. Reluctantly he agreed, but it was definitely well worth it and I think he may have enjoyed it just a wee bit too minus some nipped ears :) Rawb and Jamie are so fun together, I don't think anyone stopped laughing at Rawb's silliness and playfulness for more than a minute at a time. 

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