Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I was so excited to share this handsome little mans first year cake smash session! Editing was too hard to narrow down all the cuteness and messy moments, but it's finally done. Cake Smash sessions has got to easily be one of my favourite types. They are loads of fun filled with lots of laughs and a good old fashioned mess!

I just loved everything about this session, from the beautiful homemade and decorated tiffany blue buttercream cake this little mans momma made (yup, this moms got skills in the kitchen), right down to his adorable H & M suspenders and jeans, and the adorable little grin that accompanied almost every snap of my shutter. 

If you are even considering the possibility of a cake smash session don't hesitate! It really is a whack load of fun for both you and your little one and truly the photos are priceless and a perfect way to commemorate their first year! Plus, this photographer absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES photographing them and that's half the fun too. 

Happiest Birthday sweet little man, hope family & friends enjoy your photos! 

Thursday, 13 February 2014


I will say it time and time again, I absolutely just LOVE LOVE LOVE it when newborn clients come back six or twelve months later, especially when you really enjoy their company and having them behind your camera!

This family is always such a pleasure to photograph and I was beyond happy to hear from them to schedule some first year portraits of their handsomest little son Griffin! Goodness, I mean I know his parents are both good looking, but this little stud muffin is just the cutest little ham and with impecable style to boot. Mom and dad really knew what they were doing in that department and it shows in all his pictures. I honestly could hardly handle his toothy grin, big blue eyes, plaid bow tie, vest, and super awesome colored cords. Totally a little guy i'd Pin under my "This kids Got Style" Pinterest Board ... no, really that board does exist and he'd fall right into it just peachy! 

Our hour long session was a pleasure and success to say the least! So many great shots, lots of laughs, and too many hilarious expressions of Griffin so desperately trying to pop his balloons (mom and dad know exactly what i'm talking about!) I hope you enjoy, and as always hope to see them again soon! 


Good morning.  Happy to share with you this sweet little bundle of joy Bryden, only twelve days sweet to our world. Along with Bryden in the studio was his cute big sister, momma, and dad. Bryden definitely wanted to keep on eye on everything going on during our session so you'll notice him either wide awake or yawning an awful lot. Personally I love all his yawning shots, but I did have to narrow them down to only a few. We didn't quite get all the posed shots we hoped for seeing as he was wide awake and fighting off his sleepiness, but there really are some great candid shots that are super sweet.
Hope you enjoy the photos of this little sweet pea.