Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Meet two of the absolutely cutest little kiddos that visited the studio just this past week. I had a great time capturing them behind my lens. Ethan looks remarkably similar to a friends son, handsome and blonde, and Aubrey, well she is honestly as beautiful as a porcelain doll! 

We had some fun moments including silly faces from Ethan. Mom & dad, I just had to throw some outakes into the mix as they are just too funny and will definitely make everyone smile. It is the nature of kids to be silly from time to time and also what makes us laugh throughout the day. We even had a guest appearance from woody, Ethan's favourite figure. When Aubrey wasn't giving me the serious model pose, she gave me some really great smiley shots especially while playing peekaboo behind the couch. 

All in all it was a fun day and I hope to have these two cuties back at the studio in the future ~ enjoy Ethan + Aubrey!

Saturday, 1 March 2014


This past week I was visited by the cutest little sweet pea and her parents. While all her shots turned out wonderful, I have to say, for some reason I especially love love love the yellow ducky onzie shots. They are just so clean, so simple, so your classic baby shot. A good representation of what she must look like crawling around at home on a daily basis. Her first shot looks like a gerber baby add of some sort doesn't it. So adorable ... 

A little serious at first, we managed to get some great smiles out of A with the help of her favourite owl. We also got some lovely family shots which I'm saving for mom & dad. They weren't expecting to have any done, but I think they are going to be glad when they see them cause they really are lovely! 

Enjoy little A on the blog today, now off for another shoot!