Saturday, 1 March 2014


This past week I was visited by the cutest little sweet pea and her parents. While all her shots turned out wonderful, I have to say, for some reason I especially love love love the yellow ducky onzie shots. They are just so clean, so simple, so your classic baby shot. A good representation of what she must look like crawling around at home on a daily basis. Her first shot looks like a gerber baby add of some sort doesn't it. So adorable ... 

A little serious at first, we managed to get some great smiles out of A with the help of her favourite owl. We also got some lovely family shots which I'm saving for mom & dad. They weren't expecting to have any done, but I think they are going to be glad when they see them cause they really are lovely! 

Enjoy little A on the blog today, now off for another shoot! 

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